Welcomes Carolina Wetlands Enthusiasts!

The Carolina Wetlands Association (CarWA) wants to promote the importance and value of Wetlands through science-based programs, education, and advocacy.

 2017 Wetland Treasures

Photo courtesy of the Congaree National Park.

We are thrilled to recognize and celebrate our second class of Wetland Treasures sites! Click the links below to open a fact sheet and learn about the ecology, significance, flora and fauna, and more for each site:


  • 2015-2016 Annual Report for the Carolina Wetlands Association. Click here to view report.
  • CarWA’s Rick Savage and Alvin Brassfield presentation at the Science Cafe, “Do you Really Want to Drain the Swamp“, you can view it online. Click here to access video.
  • The Wetland Forest Initiative, a project catalyzed and coordinated by Dogwood Alliance, is a broad and diverse coalition of partners and organizations across the South to carry out a simple vision. CarWA President, Rick Savage, is co-chair of this Initiative which will help protect wetlands in the Carolinas. Contact Rick if you want more information.