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July Message from Rick

Greetings Wetland Enthusiasts

I thought it might be good to talk a little about the internal workings of the Association. There are two functional areas:  Operations and Governance.  The operations part of the organization is the day-to-day activities and is managed by the Executive Director (me) and includes staff (paid and volunteer), projects (funded and unfunded) and committees. Our paid staff consists of  two independent contractors working on grant-funded projects. Patty Cervenka is the Volunteer Coordinator of the Volunteer Wetland Monitoring Program and Marilyn Mayer is the Project Coordinator of the Stony Run Walkable Watershed Project. They are both supported by many dedicated volunteers who make these projects possible.  

Also on the operations side of the organization are three committees:  Science, Program, and Development.  The Science Committee provides technical knowledge about wetlands and associated policies.  They produce research-based white papers on wetland functions and value and are responsible for reporting on the State of the Wetlands in the Carolinas.  Members of the Science Committee also support site surveys for private landowners.  The Program Committee provides education and outreach support through events with local communities, museums, and various festivals.  The Program Committee also manages our Wetland Treasures of the Carolinas Program.  The Development Committee manages and produces our Organization’s web page, social media, and newsletter and is responsible for our giving campaigns and other fundraising activities.   All three committees are working hard on these activities and goals to develop our next 3-year Strategic Plan..

We are actively working on getting funding for additional projects located in Harnett County (NC),  Horry County (SC), Pitt County (NC), and Wake County (NC).  The Association is also very involved  in the North Carolina Natural and Working Lands initiative run by the NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, and participates on various committees with the NC Office of Recovery and Resiliency. 

The Governance component of the Association is provided by the Board of Directors who provide guidance on strategic initiatives, make financial decisions, and promote the organization with the public. Board members are volunteers and make decisions on the overall direction of the organization.

So please keep in mind we need all of your support, both financial and as a volunteer.  We currently are looking for the following volunteer position:

  • Board Member
  • Development Committee Lead (Help with Communications )
  • Fundraising Lead

Please consider how you can best support your organization, just send me an email:  rick.savage@carolinawetlands.org or go to our donation page:  http://carolinawetlands.org/index.php/donations/.  

So go explore an wetland and cool off!