2018 Wetland Treasures of the Carolinas

Carolina Wetlands Association joins wetlands enthusiasts all over the country to raise public awareness about the beauty and importance of the nation’s wetlands during May, American Wetlands Month.

In celebration of American Wetlands Month, the Carolina Wetlands Association announces its third year of Wetland Treasures of the Carolinas.  (click name to view a factsheet):

Wetlands play an important role in both the ecology and economy of the Carolinas. They are beautiful, magical places and are sanctuaries for people and wildlife. These hardworking ecosystems provide natural flood control and filter runoff, which helps keep our rivers, lakes, and drinking water clean.

Join us to celebrate our wetland treasures by attending one of the five field trips planned this May. The tours are free but donations would be greatly appreciated to support this program. Space is limited for each trip, so register today

We hope to see you in a wetland this spring!

Jessica Tisdale and Stratford Kay
Carolina Wetlands Association