January Message from the President

Dear Wetland Lovers:

The new year is well upon us and we have some new announcements to make.  First, we have four new Board members:  Geoff Gisler, Senior Attorney and Leader of Southern Environmental Law Center’s Clean Water Program; George Matthis, President of River Guardian Foundation; Clint DeWhitt, Environmental Projects Manager for the Kanuga Foundation; and George Howard, CEO of Restoration Systems.  We are excited to have these very talented members join our board and look forward to their contributions to CarWA in the following years.  Be sure to welcome our new Board members!

Second, yours truly (Rick Savage) was re-elected President, and Kim Matthews was elected Vice President.  Kim is a project manager at RTI, International and has been on the Board since CarWA was created.  She is the newsletter editor and Co-Chair of the Development Committee.  Kim has had a tremendous impact on CarWA and truly has been a constant in the organization that everyone can depend on.  Be sure to say congratulations to Kim!

Looking forward to the new year, we have work groups resulting from the Board Retreat that will be working to complete their mission.  The Advocacy work group is working on guidelines and policies to guide CarWA’s involvement in key wetland issues.  The Sustainability work group is developing a plan for consistent funding, staff, and organizational structure.  The Core Competencies work group is defining what programs and areas that CarWA will focus on for the next couple years.  The result of all three work groups will contribute to the development of a strategy plan.  

Finally, our giving campaign was a huge success; thank you so very much, it is our supporters that form the backbone of CarWA.  If you have not contributed, please consider doing so, as we are getting ready for our next wetland treasures program and expanding our wetland tours opportunities.   And we are always looking for more volunteers on our committees and in our various events.

So, let’s make this a great year for wetlands!

Rick Savage