Show your support for Living Shorelines

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is accepting public comment on new nationwide permits including a new permit to for “living shorelines”. Pew Charitable Trust states that a “living shoreline offers a proven and durable bank stabilization alternative to hard infrastructure—such as bulkheads and seawalls—while conserving the natural coastal habitat of fish and marine life, shorebirds, and plants.” The new nationwide permit will streamline the process to get living shorelines projects approved. Click here to submit your comment to the Federal Registrar in support of this permit.

  • Information on the nationalwide permits can be found here.
  • An article on the benefits of living shorelines and the proposed permit process can be found here.

    A Living Shoreline replaced a failing bulkhead at the N.C. Wildlife Resource Commission’s Edenhouse boat ramp on the Chowan River. (NC Coastal Federation)