We need your support!

Dear Carolina Wetlands Supporter:

The wetlands of the Carolinas are worth fighting for. We need a renewed appreciation of the value of our wetlands, in terms of the services they provide to us such as clean water, flood control, critical habitat, mitigation of sea level rise, carbon storage, shoreline stabilization, and more!

The Carolina Wetlands Association (CarWA) was formed to promote the value of our wetlands to general citizens, students, and law makers. Since our incorporation in June 2015, we have over a hundred supporters, a strong Board of Directors, several active committees, and involvement by some of the best names in wetland science and policy. We are a young organization, but growing fast and becoming noticed!

Our next major step is to become a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization through the IRS. We are working with the UNC Community Development Law Clinic on the application and we expect to submit it to the IRS by the end of January 2016. We need this status to apply for grants available to us.

This is where you can help. In addition to our 501(c)3 application ($850 fee), we are currently developing promotional materials, sponsoring a conference, and maintaining a website. While we thank all our volunteers who are giving their time, we continue to need funds to cover these costs. Please consider making a donation to the Carolina Wetlands Association at this important time.

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Thank you for your support!

Rick Savage
President of the Carolina Wetlands Association