Wetland Functions

Wetland Functions

Flood Protection

Wetlands help prevent floods by giving floodwater a place to go and releasing it slowly.

Water Quality

Wetlands filter out pollutants and sediment from water flowing through.

Water Supply

Wetlands help water return to underground aquifers and reservoirs, which are often tapped for human use.


Wetlands are ideal place for people to enjoy time in nature - hiking, bird watching, boating, hunting, camping, or taking pictures.

Climate Regulation

Wetlands worldwide help moderate global climatic conditions by storing large amounts of carbon and water.

Food Production

Wetlands are indispensable nursery grounds for many commercially important fish and shellfish species.


Wetlands are extremely important to a wide variety of animals and plants that cannot exist without wetlands.

Cultural Heritage

Wetlands are important to our understanding of past human settlement, in the Carolinas and around the world.