2022 Wetland Treasures

West Branch Nature Preserve

Wambaw Swamp Wilderness

  • Location: Charleston County, SC (located in Francis Marion National Forest) 
  • Site Owner: U.S. Forest Service 
  • Wetland Types: river-bottom land of hardwoods & sloughs 
  • Unique Feature: Thick with wild orchids, pickerel weed, sedges, carnivorous pitcher plants, and epiphytes. The wilderness is comprised of bottomland hardwood forest and is edged with small pine stands. Also, home to mature cypress and tupelo trees.  
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Roanoke River National Wildlife Refuge

Theodore Roosevelt State Natural Area

  • Location: Carteret County, NC 
  • Site Owner: North Carolina State Parks 
  • Wetland Types: brackish salt marsh, freshwater pond, tidal flat 
  • Unique Feature: This 292-acre preserve was donated to the state of North Carolina by the Roosevelt family in 1971 and is one of the few remaining tracts of old-growth maritime forests along the North Carolina coast. Its hiking trails feature views of Bogue Sound, maritime forest, salt marsh and an ancient dune ridge. 
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