2019 Wetland Treasures

Bluff Mountain Fen

Location: Bluff Mountain Preserve in Ashe County, NC
Wetland Type: Southern Appalachian Fen
Owner: The Natural Conservancy
Unique Feature: Only known wetland type in the region

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Photo provide by The Nature Conservancy

Croatan National Forest

Location: Craven, Carteret, and Jones counties, NC
Wetland Types: Pocosins, Carolina bays, salt marsh and more
Owner: U.S. Forest Service
Unique Feature: Approximately 75% of the Croatan may be considered wetlands with pocosins comprising the majority of the wetland acreage.


Photo by David Blevins

Merchants Millpond

Location: Gates County, NC
Wetland Type: Cypress Gum Swamp (Blackwater)
Owner: North Carolina State Parks
Unique Feature: Created 190 years ago, coastal pond and southern swamp forest mingle, creating one of North Carolina’s rarest ecological communities.

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Photo courtesy of Chuck Richardson

Santee Coastal Preserve

Location: Charleston County, SC
Wetland Type:
Owner: South Carolina Division of Park and Recreation 
Unique Feature: Once a rice plantation, this reserve provides essential habitat for many species of wildlife, including migratory and wintering waterfowl, shorebirds and wading birds, and Loggerhead sea turtles.


Photo by Charles Slate.

Woods Bay 

Location: Florence, Clarendon, and Sumter counties, SC
Wetland Type: Carolina Bay
Owner: SC Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism
Unique Feature: The park is the home to one of the last remaining, relatively undisturbed, large Carolina bays on the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain.


Photo courtesy of Regina Huff