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Wetland Tour: Weymouth Woods

Please join us for a walking tour to learn about the wetlands at Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve. This Carolina Wetlands Association Wetland Treasure site is a breathtaking representation of sandhill longleaf habitat, and the longleaf pine seep wetlands that occur in this vegetative community. The tour, limited to the first 10 participants, will be led by a park ranger , and will be 1 ½ to 2 hours long.

2021 Wetland Treasures of the Carolinas


Raleigh, NC – Carolina Wetlands Association joins wetlands enthusiasts all over the country to raise public awareness about the beauty and importance of the nation’s wetlands during May – American Wetlands Month.  The designation of Wetland Treasures across the Carolinas selects wetlands that are ecologically valuable, protected by conservation plans, and home to an abundance of plant and animal diversity.  All our Wetland Treasures provide many ecosystem services to the benefit of human wellbeing such as water quality, flood control, habitat, recreation, and a host of other services.

This year we are excited to display our Wetland Treasures logo which will give this program a brand and increased significance.  “I am proud of our Wetland Treasures program and this logo will give the program lasting significance.  We hope to see all of our Wetland Treasures make use of this logo as we continue to engage our Wetland Treasure communities”, said Carrie Caviness who is the program coordinator.  “The logo is a wonderful addition to our program and gives greater fulfillment to being designated as a Wetland Treasures of the Carolina Wetlands Association” stated Heather Clarkson who coordinated the development of the logo. 

“We are excited to highlight and celebrate the 2021 Wetland Treasure sites” said Carrie Caviness. “We hope Carolinians will take pride in our wetland heritage, and we owe a great deal of gratitude to the organizations and agencies that are protecting these natural treasures,” said Caviness. This year, we excited to be back to doing in person tours with the proper safety precautions as required by the site managers.  This includes standard COVID-19 protocol of masks and social distancing. 

The 2021 Wetland Treasures of the Carolinas are as follows (click on links to view a factsheet):

Our now 30 Wetland Treasures expand across every ecoregion of both North and South Carolina giving most people the ability to visit one of our wetlands within a short drive and to discover the beauty and significance of being a Wetland Treasure of the Carolina Wetlands Association.  Explore these special places by visiting our Interactive Wetland Treasure Map.

We intend to engage our Wetland Treasures communities in future activities, promote events, and help provide management solutions by sharing information.  This will be emphasized in the coming months as our Wetland Treasure are not a one and done event, but an everlasting significance!

Carolina Wetlands Association thanks the Wisconsin Wetlands Association, whose Wetland Gems program is the model for this program. Carolina Wetlands Association promotes the understanding, protection, restoration, and enjoyment of North and South Carolina’s wetlands and associated ecosystems through science-based programs, education, and advocacy. More information online at carolinawetlands.org.

Contact: Rick Savage, President, Carolina Wetlands Association rick.savage@carolinawetlands.org, carolinawetlands.or