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August Message from the Executive Director

Greeting Wetland Supporters:

As I write this message, I am in the new office of the Carolina Wetlands Association.  It is critical advancement to our organizational growth and maturity. Located in downtown Cary, NC, the office gives me, our two contractor employees, and others a place to work and meet.  Many of our active volunteers have also taken advantage of this space to meet and to work on committee business.  The office is big enough for three people work comfortably.  And we have had three of us working in the office several times, especially when it is time to work on grants.

Carolina Wetlands Association Office

We have access to a 25-person conference room which we used to host our July Board meeting. The first time we were able to meet in person since January 2020! The conference room is available to host committee and project meetings as well as meet with our partners.  The Volunteer Wetland Monitoring Program will be meeting later in August.

There is also a “breakout work area” with a table and seats up to eight people when we just need some extra space to work and not have to schedule the conference room.  There is also a small balcony area with two small tables to work and meet when the weather is nice (definitely not in this heat however!).

Conference Room
Balcony Meeting Space

This addition of office and meeting space for the Association now allows us to have a real physical address.  We can store our belongings such as our event materials (posters, kid’s activities, brochures, etc.), a donated laptop, a printer, and books on wetlands, freshwater ecology, climate change, nonprofits. (Note: the books are available for borrowing – just let me know).

It is with your support we continue to grow and advocate for the importance of wetlands and their many ecosystem services.  So come by and visit, the physical address of the Carolina Wetlands Association is:  201 W. Chatham St., Suite 219, Cary, NC 27511.  We will be most happy to see you

Cary Innovation Center

After you visit the office, go explore the wetlands in and around Cary, you will be glad you did.  Thanks for your continued support.

Rick Savage, Executive Director