Carolina Wetlands Association is a non-partisan, science- based organization advocating for wetlands.

We adhere to the following principles to guide our work:

  • Achieving successful results and solutions through thoughtful collaborations and partnerships.
  • Inspiring others to respect, appreciate, and enjoy wetlands throughout the Carolinas
  • Initiating and encouraging activities that engage a broad community in understanding, protecting and preserving our state‚Äôs wetlands
  • Committing to the highest quality work, measurable goals, and work products.

Our work is organized into the following program areas:

  • Outreach: Promoting widespread understanding of and engagement in wetlands.
  • Advocacy: Encouraging policies and programs that promote wetland conservation and protection.
  • Science: Encouraging the advancement of wetland science and practices.
  • Sustainability: Ensuring a viable organization for the long term to protect, promote, and restore wetlands.