What to plant in a wetland?

Native Plants for Coastal NC Wetlands and Retention Ponds (NC Cooperative Extension Service)

Other Wetlands Organizations

Southeast Wetlands Workgroup
Wisconsin Wetlands Association
EPA Wetlands
Society of Wetland Scientists
Association of State Wetland Managers
Duke University Wetland Center
Wetland Forest Initiative  

The Wetland Forest Initiative, a project catalyzed and coordinated by Dogwood Alliance, is a broad and diverse coalition of partners and organizations across the South to carry out a simple vision. Carolina Wetlands Association’s President, Rick Savage, is co-chair of this initiative which will help protect wetlands in the Carolinas. Contact Rick if you want more information.

Wetland-friend Organizations

North Carolina Native Plant Society
Friends of Plant Conservation

Other Informative Sites

North Carolina Wetlands

NC Division of Environmental Quality – 

Notes from Nature
Bog Learning Network
NCSU Stormwater wetlands and ecosystem services
NC Coastal Review North River Farms
NCSU BAE North River Farms
USFWS Peatland Restoration (Video)
APNEP Dismal Swamp