The Carolina Wetlands Association envision a present and future in which the Carolinas’ wetlands are understood, enjoyed and valued as integral parts of our mountain, piedmont, and coastal ecosystems. They should be healthy, plentiful, and support our states’ ecological, societal, and economic needs.

Our Programs and mission are developed and fulfilled by the following committees.  Please contact us if you would like to get involved in these activities.

Finance Committee:

  • Deals with and develops budget for Association
  • Will keep record of all donations and amounts and sending of receipts for donations
  • Decides how the money is best spent
  • Decides on priorities of how the money is spent and how it is allocated
  • Looks into ways to raise money for the organization.

Development Committee:

  • Maintains the list of supporters and potential funding opportunities (such as Grants and Foundations).
  • Seeks funding opportunities through supporters and the various levels of supporters; donors, both individuals and Foundations; grants; partnering with other groups on events; and other funding avenues.
  • Develops the structure and organization of the Association such as staffing needs and organizational logistics.
  • Maintain web site; social media usage such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; and determine how information is delivered through social media mechanisms.
  • Responsible for the primary purpose of Marketing and Advertising the Carolina Wetlands Association to the world
  • Develops the monthly newsletter
  • Manage a Web/Cloud storage

Program Committee:

  • Advocates for wetlands by promoting the value and services of wetlands to everyone
  • Develops educational materials about wetlands for the general public, state legislatures, landowners, local governments, and other conservation organizations
  • Organizes and/or participates in events to educate the public such as wetland tours/walks and participation in Earth Day celebrations, local festivals, and events sponsored by other organizations.
  • Responsible for developing an annual meeting of wetland science in the Carolinas

Science Committee:

  • Recommends scientific wetland research where data may be lacking and is needed to make management decisions
  • Endorses scientific research when the results benefits wetland knowledge, advance for the association, etc., this could involve letters to support the research or other similar actions.
  • Responsible for knowing the wetland laws and policy of the Federal government and of the State governments and identify when education and advocacy may be needed.
  • Responsible for identifying voluntary restoration opportunities.
  • Work with the stakeholders, landowners, and Community Involvement Committee in conducting wetland assessments and advice to landowners stakeholders, and communities about wetland management
  • Works closely with the Program Committee on the annual  meeting.