June – Message from the President

Message from the President

Wow, what a wonderful national wetlands month for CarWA.  We announced five new wetland treasures, five new tours and they were all full or nearly so!  One press article was written about the Hobcaw Barony tour.  Thanks go to Dan Hitchcock (Hobcaw Barony), Alvin Braswell (Robertson Mill Pond and Scuppernong) , Lizzy Stokes-Cawley (Scuppernong), Laura England (Congree and Kanuga), Frank Henning (Congree), and Clint Dewitt (Kanuga).  It took and lot of great people, coordinating with other people to pull off five very successful tours.  And the people attending the tours were all smiles, everyone seemed to enjoy exploring wetlands, especially wetland treasures!

There are two people that have been critical to the success of the Wetland Treasures program.  Amin Davis has been the quite force behind the success; leading, shepherding, coordinating, nudging, as needed to make things happen.  Amin has served as the Co-chair of the Program Committee since it started two years ago and fostered the “flagship program” of CarWA.  Thank you, Amin, for putting CarWA on the radar with the Treasures program!

And of course, Laura England.  She had worked for Wisconsin Wetlands Association and was a key developer of their Wetland Gems program.  Her, leadership, persistence, persuasiveness, and previous skills made CarWA’s wetland treasures program a success.  Believe me, it would not have happened without Laura.  She was instrumental to selecting the treasures both years, then coordinated the tours on several of the treasures.  Laura is truly a gift to CarWA and this organization is probably several years ahead of its time because of her contributions.  Thank you, Laura, for your tireless effort to get CarWA off and running!

CarWA is very fortunate to have so many great volunteers.  We want to honor you all for your hard work, so please join us for our annual meeting on June 25.

Thanks all and get out and explore a wetland; who knows, it may be our next treasure.