Message from the CarWA President – April 2017

One thing that is becoming obvious to me is that Carolina Wetlands is getting noticed. More and more I am going to meeting and/or meeting people and when I say that I am with Carolina Wetlands, they “oh I have heard of that organization”. This is music to my ears; we are having an impact and people are taking notice. We all need to continue to spread the word about wetlands and their value to our wellbeing!

In February, Alvin Braswell and I gave a presentation to the Science Café at the NC Museum of Natural Science. The presentation was entitled, “Do you really want to drain the swamp?”. We had a lot of fun doing that event and we had over 60 people attend. Alvin gave another presentation of Wetlands and Amphibians and we had an exhibit at Reptile and Amphibians Day at the museum, were we had over 200 visitors and over 50 who signed up for the newsletter. I have also been contacted by a business whose owners were at the presentation and wants to do a fund raiser for CarWA. Stay tuned!

I want to bring attention to our wetland treasures announcements for 2017 and the associated tours. They are truly filling up fast so you better register soon! The very hard work done by Laura England to coordinate the entire process is simply amazing! She has work with me to partner with the Wetland Forest Initiative to co-sponsor two of our tours and to write a news article on our wetland treasures and the tours. A big thanks goes to Laura and Amin Davis and their team for making the 2017 wetland treasures a tremendous success.

Finally, I was invited to have lunch with the Nature Conservancy at their conservation meeting at Singletary Lake State Park. There I met a few people I already knew and met many new people who want to help promote the organization and wetlands. I was there to present the certificates to two of our 2016 wetland treasures, Antioch Bay and Green Swamp. They were very excited about the recognition and they want to help us organize tours of both of these sites in the very near future. I also talked to several of the folks who manage several of their wetlands and they want to consult us on best management practices and on how to monitor their health, so get ready Science Committee, this is good news!

Lastly, I still want to encourage you to take our supporter survey. Taking the survey does not obligate you to anything, but it serves the organization by recognizing the tremendous talent we have and that can help us get funding and grants. This will allow the organization to begin to hire a small staff and great expand our influence. So if you never do anything else for the organization, please take the survey, it is very valuable information for us to have and it will remain confidential.

So, go explore a wetland!